Congratulations! Your employer has arranged for Lifetime Discounted Insurance options with most of New Zealand's largest insurance companies below for all NEW policy benefits, advised & arranged via My Futurity Limited.

Looking To Obtain Real Value For Money?

Make A Quick And Easy Enquiry Today And Discover What Unique Long Term Value You Could Obtain On Your Insurance

Looking To Obtain Real Value For Money?

Make A Quick And Easy Enquiry Today And Discover What Unique Long Term Value You Could Obtain On Your Insurance

Get High-Quality Insurance Advice From A Team Of Qualified Dedicated Specialists, Ready To Help You With Your Insurance Needs

You’d probably agree that Insurance can be a bit of a minefield.

You know that you need it… but it’s hard to know if you are getting the right cover at the best value when there are so many policies & benefits to choose from.

What you need are trusted qualified industry specialists on your side.

As a Regulated Financial Advice Provider firm our role here is to provide you with ALL the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you & your family.

Unlike others in the industry, we don’t deal in just simple quotations and leave you to work out all of the other detail by yourselves.

To be of maximum service to you, we want to fully understand your situation to provide you with all the best options on how you best protect yourselves going forward. Don’t delay this any longer. Get the box ticked and take the stress out of finding your insurance.

Save Up To 10% With A Unique Insurance Offering Only Available Through Us

You might have noticed that traditionally there are no policy lifetime discounts on Life Insurance Premiums in New Zealand. All advisers quote the same standard rates. That’s because this is a commission-based industry, and no one is prepared to give up a large portion of that commission so that you the client can benefit.

That’s where we’re different and this StaffPerks offering comes into play here via your advisers at My Futurity.

We put our clients interests first, and that’s why we can offer you unrivalled offers where you can save up to 10%, for the life of your NEW policy benefit.

Imagine over 25 years of a policy lifetime, that adds up to a lot of money.

When making important decisions, you want to deal with the best, be fully informed, know you have great value for money & our team can help you with that.

Get access to the best advice possible and enquire with us today.

If You:

  • Are looking for the highest quality, helpful expert advice.
  • Are ready to get that insurance box ticked, so you don’t have to worry anymore.
  • Want to receive the best possible offers unique to your situation
  • Expect to be given ALL the information, not the edited version for you to be confident in making a fully informed decision on how best to protect you or your family.

Then Make An Enquiry TODAY & Find Out How We Can Help You! It’s This Easy:

  • Let us know a brief summary of what you’d like help with
  • Click on the calendar & let us know when’s the best time for us to catch up
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